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Characters ready for licensing!!!

  - Looking for characters to enhance the aesthetics of  your product?
  - Seeking high quality characters with the most appealing
   expression and dynamic action which makes them a perfect
   fit for  your  product or brand?
  - On a quest for new and unique mascots and spokesmen
   for  your product or brand?
  We have characters that will readily appeal to your key
audiences - super-hero seeking little boys, cute and
stylish little girls, babies and their parents and adults, too.
  If you would like to explore the possibility of using any
of our characters on  your products, we would love to
hear from you.

  Explore the galleries across
  each of the series below:

  Aladin and Gene Two rolicking characters that are just perfect for action, sports, fun and lots more!!
  Chiq Cliq They are a clique and
oh-so-chic. Perfect
companions for style
and substance!!
  WhoZoos Zany animal characters
with loads of attitude
and wonderful
  Big O Tube Pocket-sized characters
that are really big on
Full of fun, frolic and lots of mischief, these oh-so-sweet boy and girl characters are full of action, too!
Pups that are truly top of the pops! Cute, naughty, cuddly, adorable, and so much more...
Adorable baby animals, each a character on his own... and just perfect as a gang!
Cute kitties that are itty and bitty. Small in size, they are big on fun!


At Characters for Licensing, you will find the most unique, lovable, fun and exciting characters and cartoons that are ready for licensing for apparel, food, toys and a whole host of other products that appeal to the young and the young-at-heart.

Characters for licensing (or Cartoon license) is a unique set of characters created by Sona & Jacob Studios which features super-hero characters, girl characters, animal characters and pirate and princess characters.

Business and marketing professionals from global licensees (character licensing or art licesnsing) and companies will find our portfolio of characters to be a great fit for t-shirts, other apparel, paper products, gift products, greeting cards, presentations, business publications, newsletters, email promotions, consumer reports, web sites, annual reports, business cards, correspondence, textbooks, calendars, advertising campaigns, and much, much more.

Our wide range of characters includes a fun and contemporary take on the classic Aladdin and Genie characters called Al and Gene, a whole group of chic, stylish girl characters called the Chiq Cliq, crazy-cute animal characters called the Whozoos and pocket-sized pirates and princesses, who are really big on attitude, aptly titled Smallz.

These characters, from Sona & Jacob Studios, are a perfect fit for a fun, young brand or product and will help to merchandise anything from a t-shirt to a mouse pad in an attractive and appealing manner. They are great mascots and spokesmen as you will see on the pages of this website.

You can license (character license) these characters for use on merchandising, including t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stationery, buttons, bags, skate boards, school stuff, shoes, keds, furniture, mouse pads, clocks, party favors, paper cups, tissue boxes, balloons, mascots...

These characters are © Sona & Jacob Studios.
Any use of them without written permission is illegal.

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